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Africa offers standard and tailor made tours throughout Namibia and to Botswana and Victoria falls. Everyone in this owner operated tour company loves Namibia, its heritage and the people in our beautiful country. Our guides are professionally trained and have the knowledge & skills to provide you with an unforgettable African experience.

Come and experience Etosha National Park, the highest sand dunes in the world in the Namib Desert, Fish River Canyon, Chobe National park, and the Zambezi Strip, Victoria falls, the Okavango Delta, Swakopmund & much more, while staying in top class accommodation facilities, & drive in style!


  • The Fish River Canyon, the worlds second largest, Africa’s largest canyon.
  • Cape Cross Seal Reserve, the breeding ground for the largest colony of fur seals in Southern Africa, where Portuguese explorer Diego Cao planted a cross, in 1486.
  • The Wild Horses of the Namib Desert, a photographer’s dream when playing or fighting, adapted to survival with very little water and sparse vegetation.
  • The Quiver tree Forest, more than 200 plants of the tree version of the common aloe lily, in one place.
  •  Namib dune belt, a World Heritage site since 2013, includes the highest dunes at Sossusvlei , that seems lifeless, are home to a rich diversity of Fauna and Flora, specifically adapted to the relentless environment.
  • Sandwich harbor, an international acclaimed RAMSAR world heritage site, where underground desert water reaches the Atlantic Ocean. With its contrast of dune belt, forlorn coastline and rough Atlantic, it is a photographer’s dream.
  • The Welwitschia Trail offers a close look at the oldest living desert plants in the world, as well as the eroded hills and lifeless features of the Moon landscape, reminds the observer of a surface similar to that to Mars.
  • The Naukluft Mountains is a sanctuary for the Hartmann’s Mountain Zebra, endemic to Namibia and the remote South-Western part of Angola. This area has the most beautiful and accessible hiking trails with resemblance of the Nama war fought against the German colonial forces between 1904 and 1907.
  • Sossusvlei, a World Heritage Site, is a depression in the Namib desert dunes where the water of the Tsauchab River can flow no further. The monumentally high dunes, the highest on earth, are a sought-after topic for photographers, and pose a mind-boggling picture for the visitor.
  • The Sesriem Canyon A 30-deep canyon where the erosion of the Tsauchab River over many centuries has incised a narrow gorge that serves as a geological book for the traveler. Its natural pools served as a source of water for the first settlers, and wildlife alike.
  • Swakopmund With palm-lined streets, sea-side promenades and varied accommodation for all budgets, Swakopmund is Namibia’s most popular holiday destination, the “Playground of Namibia”. Its pleasant summer climate and endless beaches attract surfers, anglers and beach lovers from all over the world .
  • The Spitzkoppe is the largest granite island in Southern Africa. At 1 800m, it is not the highest mountain in Namibia, but with its striking outlines, it is the best-known mountain in the country and a very difficult terrain for professional climbers. Scattered all over the Spitzkoppe, are Bushman paintings that can be viewed only in the presence of a Damara guide.
  • Brandberg is Namibia’s highest mountain, an extinct volcano that pronounces the already mountainous Damaraland landscape with over 2500 meters of solid rock. The mountain is a spiritual site of great significance to the San/Bushman tribes. The main tourist attraction is The White lady rock painting, located on a rock face with other art work, under a small rock overhang, in the Tsisab Ravine at the foot of the mountain.
  • Twyfelfontein Rock Engravings Declared a World heritage site in 2008, this one of the foremost bushman rock engraving sites in the world, with more than 2400 rock engravings on one site. Tourists can climb and walk on the mountain to look and hear of the bushman, their believes and traditions from the art.
  • The Petrified forest is a rare phenomenon. Situated in Damaraland, the fossilized remains of tree trunks provide an intriguing glimpse of flora that flooded into this area some 260 million years ago.
  • The Burnt Mountain Characterised by a heap of shale that underwent drastic changes when it was intruded by dolorite, the cover of the mountain now resembles ash and clinker. The mountain rises 200m out of the barren landscape and shimmers starkly during the heat of the day.
  • The Hoba Meteorite situated near Grootfontein weighing 60 tons, is the larges known piece of extra-terrestrial matter on earth, consisting of 82% iron, 16% nickel and 0,7%cobalt. It is believed that this lump of metal fell to earth some 80 000 years ago.
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